The Hardy Inlet water quality improvement plan, Stage one – the Scott river catchment draft plan has been released for public comment.


The plan identified that the majority of nutrients from the Scott River catchment were coming from agricultural sources, particularly fertiliser use.


"We have developed the plan to provide long-term improvement and protection of water quality in the Hardy Inlet," Department of Water Geographe Capes District Manager Dr Kath Lynch said. 


"Water quality has been deteriorating over the last 10 years, which is a major concern to the many people who care about or utilise the estuary."    


The development of the plan was supported by an advisory group with representatives from the local community, Department of Agriculture and Food, Shire of Augusta-Margaret River, Lower Blackwood Land Conservation District Committee, Blackwood Basin Group and dairy and blue gum plantation industries.


The plan details management measures, tools and estimated costs for reducing nutrients from the Scott River catchment.


The estuary drains land from the catchments of the Blackwood and Scott rivers, Westbay and Turnwood creeks and the Augusta townsite however the first stage of the plan focuses on the Scott River catchment.


"This staged approach enables implementation of actions in the Scott River catchment to begin immediately," Dr Lynch said.


Dr Lynch said the estuary is used recreationally and is also an important habitat for migratory and resident waterbirds.

"The plan will contribute to the inlet's long-term protection, improve water quality and water use efficiency in the Scott River catchment whilst also facilitating sustainable agricultural production," she said.


The Hardy Inlet water quality improvement plan, Stage one – the Scott river catchment and supporting documents, are available on the Department of Water website at

Please send your comments by writing to the Department of Water, Hardy Inlet WQIP, PO Box K822, Perth, WA 6842 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5pm, August 31 2011.