Feedback is open for those wanting to make submissions on upcoming Murray–Darling watering strategy reforms.

Authorities want to re-work the program to improve flows and connectivity while promoting vegetation, fish and waterbird growth.

Murray–Darling Basin Authority spokesperson Jody Swirepik said all these areas have suffered under current water-capturing arrangements, as well as its extraction and management in the basin.

The MDBA says the draft plan is looking pretty good, but they always welcome more voices.

“Considerable effort has gone into working with experts like ecologists, river operators, hydrological modellers and governments, including water holders and managers, to determine the right strategies to guide environmental watering across the basin,” Ms Swirepik said.

“We're now at a point where we want to hear the public's views on what's been developed so far. In particular, we’d like to hear from people who are familiar with the rivers or environmental watering activities in the basin.”

Input can be made via the MDBA website.