Judith King has announced her resignation as Director of the Northern Territory’s Power and Water Corporation, having served in the role since 2000.


Ms King, who was appointed the Board’s inaugural Director in 2000, was also appointed Chair of Board of Directors in 2009.


The Northern Territory Government said the corporation’s financial problems meant that significant changes had to be made.


“Yesterday I received a progress report from the Renewal Management Board, which pointed to serious problems with PowerWater’s finances,” Territory Treasurer Robyn Lambley said.


“PowerWater continues to be a major contributor to the Northern Territory’s deficit position.


“I was also made aware of the existence of correspondence exchanged between Ms King and the then Treasurer and now Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie, which pointed to PowerWater’s chronic financial problems.


“On the basis of that report, I requested the Chair’s resignation from PowerWater. Andrew Macrides, PowerWater’s CEO, has been made aware of Ms King’s resignation and has informed staff. 


“I would like to thank Ms King for her involvement with PowerWater over the past 12 years.”