Over half of Queensland's hospitals and aged care centres have tested positive for legionella bacteria.

A year after the State Government launched a crackdown on outbreaks, the bacteria has been detected in numerous water sources at 170 facilities across the state.

It turned up in sinks, showers and hot water systems in a range of hospitals and aged care centres.

In 2016, the Queensland Government introduced new laws forcing hospitals, private health facilities and aged care centres to test water sources for the bacteria and make the results public.

Analysis of the data has revealed 170 of about 270 facilities had at least one positive detection of the legionella bacteria.

In some facilities, all water sources turned up positive results.

Queensland Health says hospitals are required to develop action plans to reduce patient exposure and fix the problem when they detect the bacteria.

Measures include flushing water systems with chlorinated water, cleaning and disinfecting shower heads, and using bacterial filters.

Some facilities have even been required to install their own water treatment equipment.