The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has announced it will make pulsed releases from Dartmouth Reservoir over summer in an attempt to improve water quality in the Mitta Mitta River.


The pulses will be scheduled to occur few weeks with peaks of less than 5,000 megalitres per day.


According to research conducted by the MDBA, the Mitta Mitta River has shown that variable flows benefit the river's health far more than constant low flows. Therefore minor pulses, which mimic natural flows, will be made from time to time which will target an average release of about 400 ML/day. Such pulses are aimed at reducing the build up of algal strands over the coming warm months.


The first of these pulses is being planned prior to Christmas and further information on all planned releases from Dartmouth Reservoir will be made available closer to the date of the release.


Landholders and river users, including pumpers, should take in to account the increase flow rates along the Mitta Mitta River and make any necessary adjustments to their river activities.