The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has announced its support for the creation of a co-operative research centre (CRC) for Cotton Regions.


The MDBA will support the proposed CRC for Cotton Regions – which is a five-year extension of the Cotton Catchment Communities CRC – by providing a total of $5.32 million in cash and in-kind contributions.


"The MDBA's in-kind contributions will include coordinating MDBA involvement in the CRC's projects, contributions to community and industry forums, project liaison and providing access to MDBA data and information to support projects,” MDBA Chair Craig Knowles said.


Mr Knowles said that the partnership with the CRC for Cotton Regions will give the Authority access to credible and established networks who are working within the natural resource management area in the Northern Basin.


"The partnership will enable the MDBA to tap into these networks through a single door," Mr Knowles said. "Since its establishment, the Cotton Catchment Communities CRC has delivered high-quality collaborative research supporting the development and adoption of best practice cotton production, environmental management and community development."


Mr Knowles said that the proposed CRC for Cotton Regions will have significant cross-over with the areas of concern for the MDBA, including salinity, community development, river health, environmental watering and integrated management of wetlands.


Mr Knowles said there is a natural and strong alignment between the Authority's goals and the stated outcomes of the proposed CRC for Cotton Regions.


The Cotton Catchment Communities Cooperative Research Centre was established by the Australian Government in 2005 and is based at Narrabri, NSW. It is funded by the Australian Government and other partner organisations until June 2012.