The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has been urged to review its draft basin plan following the breaking of drought conditions in much of the area.


Warren mayor Rex Wilson has publically called for an audit of NSW’s river system, saying that the current figures contained in the MDBA’s draft report do not reflect the current situation.Save


"An audit conducted across the basin now would be a very good way one would think of measuring the resilience of the basin, in other words, how well it has responded to the dramatically improved conditions, seasonal conditions over the past couple of years,”  Councillor Wilson told the ABC.


Currently, the draft recommends an extra 117 gigalitres of water be recovered for the Barwon Darling catchment area. Councillor Wilson has called for that to be reviewed.


"It was a concern to us that the authority didn't seem to be going to do that audit off their own bat and their response was put it in a submission to have another audit conducted now," he said.


"That was a concern that that wasn't from within the authority because it would appear to us to have been a pretty logical move on their behalf."