Melbourne Water has been named as one of Australia’s most innovative companies.

Melbourne Water has been recognised on the 2021 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list, coming in at fourth place for their innovative Wetlands Analytics Visualisation Environment (WAVE) technology. 

Melbourne Water has been named in the top five companies for three years in a row. 

Its WAVE technology can analyse aerial wetland vegetation photography and provide an instant report on growth and health.

The technology has proven invaluable in protecting local wetlands, according to Melbourne Water Managing Director, Michael Wandmaker.

“Wetlands are crucial to Greater Melbourne as they filter water and pollutants before entering local waterways,” Mr Wandmaker says. 

“WAVE allows us to accurately count and monitor vegetation over time, which also helps us protect Melbourne’s biodiversity.”

Melbourne Water is responsible for the construction of up to 30 new wetlands every year, and says it is constantly exploring new technology that results in better environmental outcomes for the people of Greater Melbourne.

The Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine annual Innovative Companies list assesses top innovations implemented in the past two years. In 2021 more than 700 nominations were received across 10 industry categories from companies across Australia and New Zealand.

Judges measure the value of the problem an innovation solves, the quality and uniqueness of the solution, and the level of impact the innovation has.