New flows on the Darling River have reached the town of Pooncarie.

A 35-gigalitres release from the Menindee Lakes has seen the lakes receive their largest intake in three years.

But the town of Pooncarie continues to rely on bore water and the State Government water carting to surrounding properties.

Wentworth Shire Council general manager Peter Kozlowski says these arrangements will continue for now.

“Water for drinking purposes will continue to be supplied via the bore, until supply and quality is good enough via the weir pool,” Mr Kozlowski told the ABC.

“In terms of water carting for people outside of the town, that will continue until such time as council is advised by the state authorities that that should stop.”

The bore will be switched off only if the council knows it will not be needed again soon.

“We will do the [quality] testing in due course, but I'm sure the mixing of new water will take a little bit of time,” Mr Kozlowski said.

“I'm not an expert in it, but it might take a week or two before the poorer-quality water moves through and over the weir wall.”

The Department of Primary Industries is running tests too, even monitoring water quality with drones