The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has promised to consider the findings of the Windsor Inquiry after it was announced the findings will be delayed from its original May release date.


The Chair of the Standing Committee on Regional Australia, Tony Windsor MP, stated that the Inquiry into the Impact of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in Regional Australia would be reporting outside its original timeframe.


"The substantial body of evidence provided to the inquiry requires - as I am sure everybody is aware - due consideration," Mr Windsor told the parliament.


"It is worth taking a little additional time to make informed recommendations.



Following this announcement, the Chair of the Authority the Hon Craig Knowles said, "A lot of people have made the effort to speak or write to the inquiry, and we don't want to go out with the proposed Basin Plan until we've had a look at what the inquiry has found.


"This is what I've been saying about the Basin Plan not being just about science – there are other issues at play here and we need to consider them all and make a judgment call."


"I appreciate that the Chair has come out and let everyone know that they'll be reporting soon so that we can take that into account with our own timeframes," said Mr Knowles.


The proposed Basin Plan is due out mid-year.