Victorian Water Minister Peter Walsh has announced that carryover rules for irrigators in northern Victoria will remain unchanged for the coming 2012-13 season.


Mr Walsh said the Carryover Review Committee was continuing to review various aspects of the carryover provisions, in particular the spill rule that applied on the Murray system, but any changes recommended would not come into place until July 2013.


The committee was established earlier this year to review how carryover is working on the Goulburn, Murray and Campaspe systems as Victoria has moved into a wetter period and water storages have recovered after the long drought.


"Carryover is an important tool for irrigators to manage their water availability, and it is critical the current review is not rushed and results in enduring rules give water users confidence in the long term," Mr Walsh said.


"The committee will continue to meet over the coming months. I have asked the committee to report back to me with any recommendations early in the 2012-13 season so that all entitlement holders know the rules for 2013-14 well in advance and can plan their water use with certainty."


More detailed information on the carryover rules is available from Goulburn-Murray Water and Lower Murray Water, or at