The Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s (MDBA) Northern Basin Advisory Committee has held its first meeting in Canberra to discuss specific issues facing the Northern Basin area.


The Committee was formed after it was realised that the Northern Basin area, which accounts for over half of the total basin area, is ecologically different enough from the southern area to warrant closer attention.


The Committee will be responsible for advising the MDBA on how best to implement the Basin Plan in the Northern Basin area.


"By providing advice on issues such as proposals to save water or improve outcomes, this committee will provide the MDBA with an ongoing strategic perspective about the implementation of the Basin Plan in the north," said MDBA Chair Craig Knowles.


The members of the committee were selected based on their knowledge and experience on issues relevant to the Basin Plan. This includes water management, environment and conservation, irrigation and dryland agriculture, social and economic analysis, Aboriginal interests, community leadership and local government.

The members are:

  • Mal Peters, Inverell, NSW
  • Geoff Wise, Bourke, NSW
  • Ian Todd, St George, Qld
  • Katrina Humphries, Moree, NSW
  • Ed Fessey, Brewarrina, NSW
  • Fred Hooper, Weilmoringle, NSW
  • Donna Stewart, St George, Qld
  • Michelle Ramsay, Bonshaw, NSW
  • Sarah Moles, Goomburra, Qld
  • John Clements, Wee Waa, NSW
  • Bruce McCollum, Goondiwindi, Qld