The Local Government Association of the Northern Territory‘s president is outraged that NT has been left out of federal funding.

The Northern Territory has been excluded from Round Two of the National Stronger Regions Fund, which is overseen by Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss.

Details of successful second round applicants were released last week. Nationally, 111 programs were funded, with more than $293 million distributed.

It means that over $500 million has been allocated over the first two rounds from the $1 billion grant pool.

But Local Government Association of NT president Damien Ryan says that “despite several excellent submissions from across the Northern Territory, none received funding”.

“The fund unashamedly promotes investment in the regions, improved economic activity and jobs... why did the Northern Territory miss out?”

“This is inconsistent with the Commonwealth’s broader commitment to develop Australia’s north and at odds with its focus on regional development. It also ignores the obvious need for new infrastructure across the Territory,” Mr Ryan said.

“In the meantime, I urge all municipal and regional councils as well as community organisations in the Territory to lodge submissions for Round Three funding.”

More details are available here.