The Northern Territory Government has outlined its new plan for the future of the Territory’s Power and Water Corporation (PWC).

Territory Chief Minister, Adam Giles, said that the recent review of the PWC showed that structural change was needed to make the organisation more efficient.

“We undertook an immediate review of PWC with the prime objective being to reduce the ongoing need for tariff increases.

“The review indicated that the PWC’s current governance, structure, practices and processes are problematic and have contributed to the current situation. We are addressing these issues.”

The Giles Government acted swiftly and has installed an interim board, consisting of:

  • Mike Burgess – Chair
  • Jennifer Prince – Member
  • Gary Barnes – Member
  • John Baskerville – Managing Director

Territory Minister for Essential Services, Willem Westra van Holthe, said that the Government must move swiftly to address the PWC’s crippling debt.

“PWC is in dire financial trouble and they must tighten their belt in the same way Territorians have had to,” Mr Westra van Holthe said.