The Northern Territory Department of Environment and Natural Resources has extended the deadline to lodge water licence applications for Darwin's rural area.

The NT Farmers Association had been pressuring for more time, leading the Government announce it would continue to cover the water licensing advertising costs until December 31.

NT Farmers said its members had complained that it was a difficult and busy time of year, so at an internal department meeting this week, the window was extended.

A number of ground water table graphs listed on government sites are sitting at their lowest levels in 10 years.

Jo Townsend, executive director of NT's Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) water resources division, told ABC reporters that it was linked to the number of farms in the area.

“Lambells Lagoon is an area that has a very large number of agricultural users, particularly mango growers,” she said.

“They will have increased their water in the last couple of months to take advantage of the late flowering season and that's actually what's been reflected in the water levels.”