The National Water Commission (NWC) has launched its annual report, showcasing its renewed role and work program.


Chief Executive Officer James Cameron said the 2011–12 year had been pivotal in the Commission’s history.


“We delivered a comprehensive report on the impact of the National Water Initiative (NWI) and its water reform outcomes to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in 2011.


“The Commission was also subject to an independent COAG review, as was required under a sunset clause in the National Water Commission Act 2004.”


The COAG review report concluded that “the remaining elements of the NWI still to be implemented are the more difficult ones and the role that can be played by a specialist and independent body like the NWC is likely to be even more important in the future”


Mr Cameron said, “Following the release of the review in 2012, the Australian Government renewed our role in providing oversight of the COAG national water reform agenda and the objectives agreed under the NWI.”


‘This annual report outlines the Commission’s contributions to water reform in 2011–12 through its assessments, advocacy and projects funded under the $250 million Raising National Water Standards Program.’