The New South Wales Water Commisioner, David Harriss, has announced that the formal rules governing water entitlements and allocations for the Barwon-Darling Unregulated River in the State’s far north-west are now in place.


While water trading has been previously permitted in the Barwon-Darling, the official governance is expected to expedite and streamline the process.


“The transfer rules allow for some conversions between licence classes, known as concession conversions, and the trading of water entitlements and allocations,” Mr Harriss said.


Mr Harriss said that rules have been put in place to ensure that water trades are in accordance with the Barwon-Darling Cap Management Strategy and did not affect supply to licensed users and the environment.


The rules will also ensure that NSW continues to comply with the Murray-Darling Basin Cap on Diversions and meets the objectives of the National Water Initiative.


Information regarding water trading in the Barwon-Darling Unregulated River in NSW is available on the NSW Office of Water’s website: