The Queensland Government ahs announced that some communities that have not yet implemented water fluoridation will have an opportunity to apply for exemption.


State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said to claim exemption, very small councils would have to demonstrate that fluoridation is not affordable for them. 


“The fact is the maximum area that could be covered by fluoridation in Queensland is 91% and now 87% of this has been achieved,” Mr Springborg said. 

“The 4% remaining is not obtainable without massive challenges, challenges for those smaller communities that have been identified to this and the previous government.” 


Mr Springborg said councils choosing to continue with the implementation of fluoridation in their relevant water supplies will still be able to claim up to 100% of eligible capital costs for installation. 

“There is capital assistance for infrastructure through the Queensland Fluoridation Capital Assistance Program and this is expected to continue through to June 30, 2014,” he said. 

Councils that have already been funded to provide fluoridation will be required to continue their fluoridated supply. 

Larger councils that have not yet begun to fluoridate their water will still be required to do so under the legislation.