Seqwater and the Dam Safety unit within Queensland’s Department of Environment and Resource Management have completed an interim review and approval of the North Pine flood mitigation manual in line with the recommendations of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry interim report.


The manual was required to establish operational procedures in clear language that will remove inconsistencies in future events.


Natural Resources Minister Rachel Nolan said the revised dam manual meets recommendations 2.25 and 2.26 of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry.


“In response to local residents' concern that the dam gates did not operate properly in the last flood it also changes instructions for operating the gates such that the gates will be fully open prior to water flowing over the gate piers,” Ms Nolan said.


Ms Nolan said the gazettal of this review is the culmination of extensive work by the DERM Dam Safety unit in response to the interim report handed down by the Commission of Inquiry in August.