Queensland is looking to foot a $2.5 billion clean up bill for the flood events of 2013, according to State Treasurer Tim Nicholls.

In addressing the State Parliament earlier this week, Mr Nicholls said that the rebuilding of local government infrastructure assets and repairing state-controlled roads accounted for the majority of the rebuilding costs.

“More than half the total amount so far has been spent repairing infrastructure managed by local councils,” Mr Nicholls said.

“So far, more than $1.3 billion has gone to flood affected councils to help them restore vital services for their local communities.

“The other significant cost following the flood events over summer has been the repair of state-controlled roads, with that bill expected to be around $900 million.”

Mr Nicholls said the high costs incurred from the floods added to the significant costs from other natural disasters in recent years.

“The bill for the 2012 floods was just over $2 billion and the disasters of 2010-11 left Queensland with a repair bill of more than $7 billion,” he said.

“Since 2009, natural disasters have cost this state more than $14.5 billion.

“How we rebuild and where we get the funds from to rebuild are key considerations as we move towards the coming State Budget.