The Queensland Government has convened the inaugural meeting of the Western Rivers Advisory Panel (WRAP) in Longreach.


In addressing the meeting, State Minister for Natural Resources, Andrew Cripps, said the Panel would be a key plank in helping the State Government develop a new approach in promoting the protection and sustainable use of Queensland’s Western Rivers.


“Consultation with the Panel will be an important part of developing strategies that strike an effective balance between river protection and sustainable development for Cooper Creek and the Georgina and Diamantina Rivers,” Mr Cripps said.


“This group will provide local community feedback on reforms being considered by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.


WRAP members include local representatives from community groups including local government, AgForce, Desert Channels NRM, the Georgina-Diamantina-Cooper Aboriginal Group, Cooper Creek Catchment Committee, Georgina-Diamantina Catchment Committee, Lake Eyre Basin Community Advisory Committee, Lake Eyre Basin Scientific Advisory Panel and the resources sector.


Appointees to the Western Rivers Advisory Panel are:

  • Gerry Fogarty – Georgina Diamantina Cooper Aboriginal Group
  • Councillor Bill Bode – North Western local governments
  • John te Kloot – AgForce Queensland
  • Rob Jansen - Georgina Diamantina Catchment Committee
  • Angus Emmott – Cooper Creek Catchment Committee
  • Professor Richard Kingsford – Lake Eyre Basin Scientific Advisory Board
  • Judith Harrison – Lake Eyre Basin Community Advisory Committee
  • Trevor Whitelaw – Santos Ltd (representing the resources industry)
  • Peter Douglas – Desert Channels Queensland, and
  • Councillor Stuart Mackenzie – South Western local governments