West Australian builders are looking at a new project which could cut the death toll from shark attacks near beaches.

Plans for an ocean pool in WA have been released for public feedback.

The ocean pool would be formed by extending a rubble groyne around Cottesloe beach near Perth. The rubble would be moved into a U-shape back towards the beach, all up about 75m long and 25m wide.

The design allows natural flushing of the pool through a layer of porous rocks around the rim, it will also have a sandy floor and an extra set of steps on its southern side and access for the disabled from the beach.

The current plan will require around 18,000 tonnes of stone and cost about $1.65 million, $150,000 of which would be used for an engineering study.

The pool has been proposed by residents many times over more than a decade, but an actual design has now been produced by some of WA's top engineering and sports facility experts.

Two leading figures were Jorg Imberger, head of the Centre for Water Research at the University of WA, and John Bloomfield, emeritus professor at UWA's school of sport science, exercise and health.

The idea was first raised after the death of Ken Crew, who was killed by a great white shark at Cottesloe just offshore in 2000.

The rising worry from subsequent fatal shark attacks has sparked the developmental flame.