The South Australian Government has introduced the Aquaculture Amendment Bill to State Parliament that will aim to reduce red tape and enhance management arrangements in the state’s rapidly growing aquaculture industry.


State Fisheries Minister Gail Gago said the amendments build on the unique framework established in the Aquaculture Act 2001, designed to promote fair, flexible and transparent decision making in the aquaculture industry.


“These amendments are appropriate to keep legislation up to date with what is a rapidly developing industry,” Minister Gago said.


Minister Gago said the South Australian aquaculture industry generates significant employment across the state, most of which is in regional South Australia.


The proposed amendments in the Bill specifically aim to:

  • Promote improved management of the aquaculture industry to ensure ecologically sustainable development into the future;
  • Consolidate current arrangements under the Act;
  • Promote improved commercial value in aquaculture leases; and
  • Provide greater clarity and transparency in administrative processes.