The Australian and South Australian governments have announced joint funding of $9.2 million for three new infrastructure and environmental programs to restore wetlands and floodplains of the Murray River in South Australia.


The works, at Pike Floodplain, Katfish Reach and Yatco Lagoon, mark the beginning of the $100 million Riverine Recovery Project which is part of South Australia’s Murray Futures Program.


The works at the Pike Floodplain include upgrading the inlet regulators, improving the bridge structures and assessing irrigation infrastructure to manage environmental flows, fish passages and habitat for the floodplain.

At Katfish Reach, infrastructure will be upgraded to manage the habitat of the vulnerable Murray Hardyhead, improve the Katarapko Island Drainage Basin and enhance floodplain flow and fish passage connectivity.


The works at Yatco Lagoon will support community developed wetland management plans to enable immediate water savings of 610 megalitres a year (long term average annual yield) and improve the visual landscape and ecology.