Two new tenders for water purchasing in the southern-connected Murray system in Victoria and South Australia have been announced under the Gillard Government's new approach to recovering water for the environment through smaller, more consistent tenders.


The tenders for water purchases in the southern-connected system will open in Victoria and South Australia on May 2 and June 6 as part of the Government's approach to having smaller rounds of 'rolling' tenders for buybacks in the Murray Darling Basin.


Each water purchase tender will be open for two weeks, following on from similar tenders conducted in February and March.


The tenders are part of the Australian Government's $3.1 billion Restoring the Balance in the Murray-Darling Basin program, under its Water for the Future Initiative. The decision to run tenders in the nominated catchments is guided by the best available information as to where the largest unmet environmental needs exist across the Basin.


The Government last month outlined its initial response to issues raised in consultations and meetings with stakeholders in the Murray Darling Basin last year and subsequently by the Windsor inquiry into the proposed Murray Darling Basin Plan.


While individual tenders will be generally smaller than in previous years, the total amount allocated for buybacks will not be reduced.


Guidelines and the application forms for each tender round will be available from 2 May and 6 June by calling 1800 218 478 or visiting