The Victorian Government has slammed the Commonwealth’s recent amendments to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, saying it will not support any plant that allows for a 3,200 gigalitre environmental flow.


“We are bitterly disappointed the Commonwealth Government is not pursuing the 2,750 gigalitre Plan, with offsets, that was agreed to by Basin State Ministers and the Commonwealth in July this year,” State Water Minister Peter Walsh said.


The condemnation of the plan by Victoria comes after the Federal Government announced it will return an additional 450 giaglitres to the river system through funding infrastructure upgrades and relaxing capacity upgrades through a $1.77 billion spending package.


Despite Victoria’s misgivings over the issue, the South Australian Government has welcomed the announcement, describing it as a significant win for the state.


“We have convinced the Prime Minister to do what is right for the River Murray and its communities,” SA Premier Jay Weatherill said.


“This means more water for the river, funding for river communities and funding for environmental works.”