Sydney Water has completed a $6.9 million   2.1 kilometre section of the Canterbury Bankstown Submain upgrade, which has significantly boosted the long term reliability of the system.


Work began in March 2011 and required crews to descend to depths of 25 metres below ground to carry out the repairs, which were mostly done at night due to high wastewater flows in the pipe during the day. Night work also ensured a safer working environment for the crews,” Sydney Water’s Managing Director Kevin Young said.


Crews worked across 14 sites in Earlwood and Canterbury to:

  • clean and repair 2108 metres of the 1.8meter diameter wastewater pipe with a PVC liner
  • clean and repair 18 maintenance holes with an epoxy protective coating
  • clean and line one large maintenance hole with a calcium aluminate cement protective coating
  • remove 70 tonnes of silt and debris to increase the capacity and efficiency of the pipe.



The Canterbury Bankstown Submain was built between 1919 and 1927, and carries wastewater from Belfield through to Arncliffe and the Malabar Wastewater Treatment Plant.


This work was part of Sydney Water’s SewerFix program, which improves the wastewater system and protects public health and the environment.