The Queensland Government has pledged to top up tanks for drought-ravaged Queensland residents who used their own water to fight bushfires.

Stanthorpe’s above-ground water supplies were on track to run out by the end of the year, before fires hit the region.

Many dams in the Southern Downs region were dry when the bushfires broke out, forcing firefighters to access people’s personal supplies to keep flames at bay.

“We've heard of people who've had to empty their tanks or some of their tank's (drinking water) to help fight fires,” Stanthorpe resident Trish Cuthbert told reporters this week.

“The whole community is hurting. It's horrendous.

“Everyone is chipping in where they can, bringing food to the showground to feed the firies, donating time and water.”

Acting Premier Jackie Trad reaffirmed this week that “all water that is being used, both private dams as well as drinking water, will be replenished by the state”.