Federal Minister for Primary Industries and Water Bryan Green has launched the first major irrigation site under Tasmania’s $400 million water development strategy.


The $11 million Whitemore Irrigation project, west of Launceston, is the first of a number of large scale irrigation sites planned for the site under the development strategy that will be aimed at developing Tasmania’s agriculture and aquaculture industries. So far, 45 farming properties have secured water entitlements from the Whitmore project.


"The scheme will provide 5500 megalitres of water annually within an area of 12,000 hectares stretching from the foot of the Western Tiers to just north of Hagley,” Mr Green said.


The water development scheme, which is co-funded by the Tasmanian and Commonwealth Governments, has identified 13 major irrigation schemes that have attracted $130 million in federal funding and $270 in state funding.