The authorities have stepped in on water concerns in New South Wales, in an issue that has become a hot political topic.

Bottled water has been shipped in to the NSW towns of Broken Hill and Menindee, after state Labor candidate Craig Ashby raised concerns about discoloured tap water coming from the emergency bores.

Mr Ashby used the issue as a platform to criticise his Nationals opponentns, accusing them of neglecting the outback.

“If this water issue was happening in [more populated regions of] Coogee, even in Toongabbie, they would have been out there investing billions of dollars to fix the problem,” Ashby told the ABC.

Barwon incumbent and Minister for Water Kevin Humphries said he would consult with the experts.

Now, environmental health coordinator for the Western and Far Western Local Health Districts, Ingo Steppat, says the results of routine tests are in and show the water quality is fine.

“Going on the results we've been receiving, the water is safe to drink,” Mr Steppat told reporters.

“We haven't had any complaints or any information indicating that there is a problem with that water.”

Mr Ashby has continued his stand on the basis of a supposed yellow colouring, but Mr Steppat says aesthetics are separate from health factors.

“Just because there's colour in it or it might have a slight odour or it tastes funny, doesn't mean that it's harmful,” Mr Steppat said.

“If it was harmful the residents would be put out fairly quickly and a boil water alert would be put out.”

Still, nearly a thousand litres of outside water has been donated, following a post on the Menindee Lakes Facebook action page.

The group will collect more donations next week, though many residents say they are now satisfied with the bore.