A group of sea-bound protestors are travelling from the Pacific Islands to Newcastle to block the coal port.

The ‘Climate Warriors’ are a group of locals representing 13 different Pacific countries, on a quest to speak out against the Australian coal industry and lack of action on climate change.

The fleet heading for Newcastle is led by five specially-made traditional Marshall Islands canoes, which will be at the front of blockade of one of the largest coal ports in the world.

The action has been organised by 350.org, and will see the flotilla of Warriors and Australian volunteers trying to block coal exports for a day on Friday October 17.

The group is calling for the Australian public to back it, as it believes “the fossil fuel industry will... launch their multi-million dollar PR machines in an attempt to dismiss them”.

“But we are going to make so much noise that that we will be impossible for even the most mighty PR machine to dismiss,” the Climate Warriors’ statement reads.

Protestors say such loud and dangerous action is necessary to reach a government that has very little interest in listening.

International governments and media are watching Australia's shifting stance on climate change, as it abolishes the carbon tax while moving to reduce the Renewable Energy Target and not talk about climate change at the G20 summit.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott's absence from the recent UN climate summit in New York has been roundly criticised too.

The Climate Warriors posted the following video ahead of their arrival, and are using the Twitter hastag #StandUpForThePacific.