A high-tech road show is making its way across the Northern Territory, bringing futuristic methods to ancient practices.

Many agricultural industries are in great need of new technological methods to help meet the growing demands of hungry consumers.

One of these methods may be the use of Biochar – a reconstituted charcoal product which is sewn into the land for a number of beneficial soil improvements.

Territory Natural Resource Management has funded the BioChar NT Roadshow, a touring Biochar factory demonstration to spread the word about the exciting soil additive across the Top End.

Biochar proponents say it can improve the capacity of the soil to hold water, boosting the amount and transport of nutrients.

Biochar may also be used in the mine site restoration process, helping to re-enliven soil for later use after mining activity has ended.

Evidence is emerging that the product could even be worked into feed for cattle as it may improve digestion, meat quality and reduce their methane emissions.

All of these applications have specific relevance to the industries that dominate the far northern part of Australia – mining and agriculture – but the relatively new technology of 'char-makers' remain expensive, and so authorities have set up the roadshow to show landowners first-hand, the benefits and costs of Biochar.

Check the progress of the BioChar NT Roadshow with this handy Tracker Map.