The Victorian Government has tabled the final Terms-of-Reference for the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council investigation into the state’s existing marine parks and other marine protected areas.


"The need for this investigation by VEAC was further highlighted by the March 2011 Auditor-General's report, which exposed the previous government as a dismal manager of Victoria's marine Parks finding 'systemic weaknesses with planning, program management and resource allocation that need to be addressed',” State Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith said.


The tabling of the terms follows a consultation process which received 51 public submissions in response to the draft terms proposed in August.


"Under the Terms-of-Reference tabled in Parliament today, VEAC will examine the outcomes of existing marine protected areas and identify any ongoing threats to the way these areas are managed," Mr Smith said.


The marine protected areas were established to protect a representative sample of Victoria's marine environment. They cover 11 per cent of the state's marine areas along the Victorian coast.


As part of the investigation, VEAC will hold three public submission periods and will prepare a discussion paper as well as a draft proposals paper.


VEAC must report on the completed investigation by February 2014 and present its recommendations to the Government for response.


The terms can be downloaded here