The Victorian Government has announced the formation of the West Werribee Dual Water Supply Project, aimed at ensuring that water supply for Melbourne’s fastest growth area is secured.


"The West Werribee Dual Water Supply Project will ensure this area has timely access to the infrastructure needed to supply drinking water and Class A recycled water to housing developments currently underway and also to the numerous open spaces across the Wyndham municipality," State Minister for Water Peter Walsh said.


"Once completed, the project will be supplying recycled water to an estimated 20,000 homes and 143 hectares of community open space, and it is expected to save 3.1 billion litres of drinking water each year by 2035.


"The West Werribee project aligns with the Coalition Government's commitment to ensure our state makes better use of all our water resources, including stormwater, rainwater and recycled water, and to increase the livability of Melbourne and Victoria's regional cities. That is what our Living Melbourne, Living Victoria program is all about," Mr Walsh said.