The Victorian Government is urging the public to submit their comments on the future of the state’s water management fter a number of the sate’s water aurthorities released consultation papers on their draft water plans.


The four-month consultation period will allow Victorians to review and comment on their local water plan and proposed water pricing which will cover proposed services and prices from mid 2013 to mid 2018.


Minister for Water Peter Walsh said he strongly encouraged all members of the community to provide comment on the draft plans which will outline the pricing structure for water.


"Victorians have an opportunity to provide their feedback on how much they will pay for their water in the future, and what services will be included in this cost.


Mr Walsh said Melbourne water retailers had proposed price increases of between 19.4 per cent and 21.8 per cent over the five-year period.


Public comment is sought on these plans prior to submission of final Water Plans in September 2012 to the Essential Services Commission (ESC).


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