The Victorian Government has announced research currently underway into building  “new insights into Victoria's surface water and groundwater resources.”


Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Peter Walsh said scientists at the Department of Primary Industries at Rutherglen were using cutting edge modelling to obtain a precise picture of water availability in the state.



Rutherglen DPI staff are conducting research to produce a detailed understanding of the interactions between land use and both stream flow volumes and groundwater resources.


"Fine scale spatial data sets are being linked to a complex landscape and detailed groundwater model to analyse Victoria's current and future water resources at a local, rather than just a regional, level.


"The researchers are combining this with precision modelling of farm systems to assess both the agricultural impacts of sustainable diversion limit proposals and to determine the sustainability of the entire water resource," Mr Walsh said.


Mr Walsh said the information obtained by DPI staff was being provided to the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) to help inform future decision-making in water policy.


The research comes as the Victorian Government continues to voice is disagreement with the Federal Murray Darling Basin Plan.


"The Victorian Coalition Government does not support the Guide to the Murray Darling Basin Plan in its current form," Mr Walsh said.


"An effective Basin plan will include environmental engineering works and infrastructure investment to get measurable water savings for the environment, rather than drastic cuts in water entitlements held by food producers.