The Western Australian Government has announced the formation of a new water allocation plan for the State’s Peel region, aimed at providing water certainty for groundwater availability for a range of key industries.


State Water Minister Bill Marmion said the Murray groundwater allocation plan confirmed 40 gigalitres of water use for licencing.


“It supports agriculture, horticulture, mining, industrial, urban and recreational activities as well as the internationally recognised significant ecosystems and wetlands of the Peel region,” Mr Peel said.


“The Government has listened to concerns about over abstraction of groundwater resources and how declining rainfall could adversely affect the area’s groundwater-dependent ecosystem,” he said.


“The plan allows for water to be licenced, based on an improved understanding of the Murray system. The allocation limits have been set at 75 per cent of recharge, with the balance reserved to protect aquifer integrity and the environment.


“It therefore provides clarity for both water users and the broader community, so that the ongoing benefits from these water resources can be realised.”