The Department of Water has released the first evaluation statement of the 2010 La Grange groundwater allocation plan.


The Evaluation Statement 2010-2011 reports progress on the implementation of the La Grange groundwater allocation plan, which covers areas south of Broome.


Department of Water Kimberley acting regional manager Chris Gunby said as a result of the review there are no changes to the allocation status of the Canning-Broome (Broome Sandstone) aquifer in either subarea since the release of the plan.


However, the volume of water licensed in each groundwater subarea in the Canning-Broome aquifer increased by:

  • La Grange North: 2.6 GL/yr in November 2009 to 9.8 GL/yr in July 2011 (28 per cent allocated and committed)
  • La Grange South: 1.1 GL/yr in November 2009 to 4.6 GL/yr in July 2011 (31 per cent allocated and committed)

“Water is still available for licensing in both sub-areas,” Mr Gunby said.


He said the release of the La Grange evaluation statement should give the community confidence in the sustainable management of the La Grange water resource.


“This evaluation statement enables the department to proactively report to the community on our work, and on any changes that are made as a result of the evaluation review process. 


“It’s a very robust and transparent way of providing information on water use, water availability and management of our local water resources.


“The evaluation also enables emerging water management issues to be addressed through the allocation plan and through adaptive management approaches.”


The La Grange groundwater allocation plan – Evaluation Statement 2010-2011 can be downloaded here