Leak detection technology has already helped the Western Australian Water Corporation save over 250 million litres per year, according to State Water Minister Bill Marmion.


Mr Marmion made the announcement following a detection of a major leak at the Claremont Showgrounds, which will save millions of litres of water per year.


"The technology, known as a data logger, alerted the corporation to a continuous flow at the showgrounds, which turned out to be a major hidden leak," Mr Marmion said.

"The leak was located under a concrete slab within a pavilion and it wasn't until staff drilled a big hole in the slab that the magnitude of the leak became apparent.

"Had the customer not responded so quickly, about 140,000 litres of water per day would have been lost. If the leak had gone undetected for a month, this would have been enough water to fill 100 backyard swimming pools.


Mr Marmion said he was pleased the Corporation won the Water Utility category for its tireless efforts towards increasing water efficiency across WA. The awards, held by the not-for-profit organisation SaveWater! Alliance, reward dedication to water efficiency and are Australia's leading water sustainability awards.