The Western Australian Government has announced a 10-year plan aimed at drought-proofing Perth, with the state owned Water Corporation announcing a $500 million spend over the next 10 years under the Water Forever - Whatever the Weather plan.


The initiative will be aimed at boosting and protecting the city’s groundwater sources while developing new sources, increasing water recycling and programs to encourage more efficient water use.


“This new investment will see the Water Corporation transfer more of its groundwater abstraction to the deeper Perth Yarragadee, Leederville and coastal aquifers, which will have a positive impact on some wetlands and lakes,” State Water Minister Bill Marmion said.


The plan involves the following:

  • Transferring groundwater abstraction to the deeper aquifers to protect the groundwater environment and securing groundwater supplies.
  • Replenishing deep aquifers with recycled water through a new groundwater replenishment scheme.
  • Expanding seawater desalination capacity to offset the declining inflow to dams.
  • Continuing to make gains in water use efficiency, while preserving outdoor lifestyle and enabling continued growth.
  • Using wastewater recycling as a resource for industry, public open spaces and agriculture.


The full report on the plan can be found here