The Western Australian Government has opened an extra 3.6 gigalitres per year to irrigators involved with the Gascoyne Food Bowl Initiative.


State Water Minister Bill Marmion said the extra water had been identified through a new water allocation plan for the Lower Gascoyne.


The Minister said the allocation plan was especially important for the Gascoyne Food Bowl Initiative, funded by the State Government through the Royalties for Regions program to help increase horticulture production using the available water and land. 

“The Department of Water’s ongoing investment in understanding the water resource has resulted in an extra 3.6 gigalitres of water per annum being sustainably available for the horticulture industry,” he said.

“Of this amount, 3.3 gigalitres will eventually flow through the soon to be completed Gascoyne Irrigation Pipeline Project, funded jointly by the Gascoyne Water Cooperative, the State and Federal governments.”

The Department  will soon advertise the opportunity for interested growers to apply for a position on the Carnarvon water allocation advisory committee.