The WA Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) has released its Water, Wastewater and Irrigation Performance Report 2010, the fifth such report which examines the performance of  the 30 Western Australian water providers that are licensed by the ERA.


The report provides water performance data on 32 major Western Australian towns and small potable and non-potable water licensees;  wastewater performance data for 22 major Western Australian towns and small wastewater licensees; performance data for major towns or schemes where the data is applicable to both water and wastewater services; and performance data for the four Western Australian irrigators.


The report found that total sourced water for all towns in 2009/10 was up 1.1% from the previous year with the proportion of water sourced from groundwater down from 51.5% to 44.1% while surface water increased from 31.9% to 39.4% and water sourced from desalination fell from 9.3% to 8.9%.


Compared to 2008/09, total urban water supplied increased by 2.7% (to 339,195ML), of which 73.6% was supplied to Perth. In regional towns, average consumption was 360kL per property, 30.4% higher than the 276kL consumed by the average Perth property.


During 2009/10, the state-wide total volume of sewage collected increased by 1.6%; the volume of irrigation water supplied decreased by 12.9%; and water supplied for non-irrigation purposes (including non- potable water) was  down 16.4%.


The report can be accessed at