Queensland Urban Utilities will soon begin construction on a new $20 million “state-of-the-art” sewage treatment plant.

The new treatment plant will service the Lowood and Fernvale areas near Brisbane, which have been highlighted as sites of significant future population growth.

“It’s a significant capital investment which will double the current capacity of the sewerage network and ensure the region has the infrastructure it needs for many years to come,” said Queensland Urban Utilities spokesperson Michelle Cull.

“With more toilets flushing and showers running, it’s essential the local sewerage network keeps up with demand.”

The plant is set to feature the latest technology in sewage treatment to produce ‘Class A’ water.

This low nutrient and high quality water will be safe to release into the environment and will include routine sampling at three different locations to comply with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection licence.

Queensland Urban Utilities has engaged the University of Queensland to design a customised dosing system that will eliminate odour emissions at both the proposed sewage pump stations prior to sewage reaching the proposed treatment plant.

The innovative and sustainable odour treatment option uses an inorganic compound called magnesium hydroxide to trap dissolved sulphides in solution and prevents the release of hydrogen sulphide gas, which causes odour.

Construction on the treatment plant is due to begin in April 2018 and is expected to take 14 months to complete, weather permitting.