The gender pay gap is smaller at corporations where the CEO has a daughter, so a new campaign has been launched to get more daughters for executives.

The Workforce Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) wants to send “Daughter Water” to the CEOs of around 3,000 companies who have reported that they have not done a gender pay gap analysis.

WGEA says Daughter Water is specially-formulated using a cutting-edge mix of wives’ tales to propagate women and free-flowing conversation about women’s issues.

Given that it is unlikely water would influence the gender of a baby, many believe the Daughter Water campaign to be a hoax.

Regardless of the validity of the “feminised molecules” it contains, Daughter Water raises the disturbingly real issue of gender pay inequity.

The latest data shows women earn 18.2% less than a man in the same job; the largest the gap has been since 1995.

Although there have been few net gains in the last twenty years, it is estimated that gender pay equality could be achieved in 75 years.

This is not soon enough for the WGEA, and so they have created the video below to speed up the closing of the needless, repressive and obstructive gap in society.

In an article for The Conversation, Professor of Law at University of Melbourne Beth Gaze says all campaigns can help, but concrete action is needed in the corporate world as soon as possible.