A final decision on whether Tasmania’s three rural water and sewerage corporations will be merged into a single body is likely to be made sometime in March, according to the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT).


LGAT formed a working group in September last year to investigate the viability of the merger of the three corporations after chairman of the three bodies briefed the association, claiming that a merger would result in savings in the order of around $5 million per year.


“Water and sewerage charges are on the increase in order to replace ageing infrastructure and while the savings of $5 million annually will not stop the increases, it will slow them down,” Mr Hampton said.


“This will benefit customers and see improved returns to Local Government owners for the provision of other vital services.”


LGAT CEO Allan Garcia said the decision is likely to be made in the general meeting of the association in March.  


President of the association, Mayor Barry Easther, said the corporations formed in 2008 to provide the best quality service to the community, but admitted that merging them could lead to greater outcomes for consumers.