The Queensland Water Minister, Mark McArdle, has said that there are no plans by the Government to act on easing the State’s water restrictions.


Minister McArdle said that any decision on the restrictions is not the responsibility of the government.


"The government will not be looking at removing those restrictions. That is a function of the water commission not the government," Mr McArdle told ABC radio earlier this week.


"We have not sought formally any advice from the commissioner as to whether or not the permanent water conservation measures should be removed or in any way weakened."


The Commission has not made any comment on the future of restrictions, but will it may be forced to act before January next year when it is dissolved and its functions absorbed by a new bulk water entity.


The comments by Mr McArdle comes after the Commission tracked a significant decrease in water consumption in South East Queensland, lending speculation that it may lead to an easing of restrictions.


Average daily residential water consumption across South East Queensland for the 14 day period ending 3 October 2012 was 168 litres per person, figures released by the Commission show.


QWC Acting CEO Richard Priman, said this compared to an average daily consumption of 172 litres per person for the last reported 14 day period ending 26 September 2012.