The permafrost cliffs of Eastern Siberia are becoming much less permanent, with new evidence of thawing at an ever-increasing rate.

An inquiry has been launched after allegations that the firm in charge of expanding Queensland’s Abbot Point coal terminal has already failed to meet environmental requirements.

A new species of dolphin has been discovered in Australian waters.

The Queensland Mines Minister has unveiled new water-use procedures for the Fitzroy River which will see some famers spray their crops with water from CSG wells.

Researchers have found a genetic record locked within the biology of a species of turtle, which shows the effect of their exploitation in recent generations.

A deal has been signed that should see the construction of a 1000 megawatt geothermal electric plant in Ethiopia worth an incredible $4 billion.

Continued efforts to keep Mt Isa residents safe from themselves have not worked, with authorities now ramping up restrictions on swimming in ‘Poison Waterhole’.

Some South Australian energy companies could have done a better job in their changes to billing systems, with the shifts blamed for a massive increase in complaints this year.

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says the release of exploration permits for offshore petroleum reserves shows the resources sector is still strong, despite spilling from the mainland into the ocean.

The Australian Government has paid the rest of the account in order to bring the hull of the historic vessel City of Adelaide back to its home shores.

A meeting is on in Hobart this week to discuss plans that would see fishing near Antarctica drastically reduced or even banned.

Research has shown part of the reason many cannot get on board with the need to fight climate change, suggesting the impacts could be too far off to think about.

The Australian Government is urging residents across the nation to immerse themselves in National Water Week, and be inundated with a greater appreciation of water-related issues.

A new climate research college has opened in Australia, seeking to pick up the slack as climate science is cut in other areas.

The man responsible for Australia’s water-related issues is heading to meetings in one of the most contentious areas this week.

Groundwater is a natural resource which enables the activities of many other industries, now a centre dedicated to studying groundwater has put a price on the hugely important resource.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman plans for his state to be the export point for hundreds of millions of tonnes of resources per year, by way of developments at five of its existing ports.

The Western Australian Government is most certainly in the fracking industry, and may intend to stay there for centuries.

A new study has taken up the ambitious task of predicting a full chain of events - beginning with our current chemical impact on the ocean - to forecast the state of the sea in a hundred years from now.

As you may or may not have noticed, icicles have ripples of exactly the same wavelength no matter how big they get. Scientists are now trying to work out why.

The person in charge of water in the new Federal Government has attended meetings with irrigators, who are concerned that changes to water rights and protocols could leave them inundated, rather than irrigated.

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