A charity has put together a book that may be the perfect combination of practical and academic advice to save lives.

A wastewater treatment site in South Australia is looking to solve two problems with one high-tech fix.

A key driver of the national economy could be brought to a halt, as West Australian tugboat workers consider damming iron ore exports with possible strike action.

The Water Act will be reviewed, as the Federal Government maintains its rampant red tape cutting agenda.

A cheap technique has been shown to reduce Albatross deaths at sea by over 90 per cent.

One community group is reaching as far as it can to spread warnings about coal seam gas extraction.

Everything from irrigation and hydropower to stinger season and whale watching will be impacted by a project mapping virtually all of the world’s glaciers.

The Mt Isa council has spent $4 million on new equipment to keep their water flowing.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority is checking over its facts and figures, commissioning a review of the science underpinning the plan.

Queensland irrigators are voting on whether they want to take over their local schemes, currently run by state body Sunwater.

Another local government has called on the federal government to give it more power over coal seam gas and farmlands.

One of the key people behind Queensland’s environmental policies is also a manager in the coal sector.

Energy engineers say floating nuclear power plants could avoid some of the pitfalls of their land-based predecessors.

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