Marine microbes are the heart of ocean ecosystems, but it has been almost impossible to study them in their natural environment.

Senators have faced a dive boat operator whose business is being harmed by ...

Research suggests high-intensity fish farms could harm hearing.

The Queensland town of Hughenden wants huge new water supplies to help it become a cropping powerhouse.

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd says Japan is now using military-grade technology to track its ships ...

Scientists say the ocean off Queensland could host a significant seaweed-farming industry.

Adani is contesting a $12,000 fine from the Queensland Government over a sediment stormwater spill at the Abbot Point coal terminal.

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has lost its latest appeal against the Carmichael coal mine.

Shark-spotting drones will soon start patrolling Australian beaches.

Australian researchers have discovered an entirely new way of sharing DNA, in a study of Antarctic microbes.

Concerns have been raised about the expansion of a Queensland waste facility.

Queensland researchers have found that machine noise can cause whales to turn tail.

A modular artificial reef will soon be suspended near the Sydney Opera House.

Local researchers have looked at whale population recovery times since the era when many were hunted almost to extinction.

Water scientists say millions of litres of toxic water is escaping from a derelict coal mine into Sydney's drinking water catchment.

Not doing climate science is costing the government millions.

Tasmanian councils say the state’s treasurer is encouraging business to break the law.

Indian mining giant Adani has been hit with a $12,000 over an environmental breach at its Abbot Point coal terminal in north Queensland.

Australian scientists have completed a $20 million survey of the Great Australian Bight, uncovering new aquatic species and oil reserves.

Environmentalists say Australian power stations produce levels of toxic air pollution that would be illegal in ...

Engineers have come up with a nano-tech way to purify vast volumes of water.

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