Experts have issued a range of warnings in a new report on the state of the Australian climate.

Adelaide's under-used desalination plant could be used to help the Murray River next year.

A local judge has ruled that a class action against BHP Billiton can proceed.

Traditional owners are lodging an Australian Human Rights Commission complaint over the process to select a nuclear waste dump site in South Australia.

The Federal Court has made a new native title ruling in favour of the Gooniyandi people in Western Australia's north.

NT Beverages has entered voluntary administration despite a $10 million boost from taxpayers.

Woolworths has joined with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to improve the packaging of seafood.

A search of undersea mountains off Tasmania has uncovered new reefs and dozens of unnamed species.

Labor says it would create a commonwealth environmental protection agency if it wins next year’s election.

CSIRO says Adani's water management plan for the proposed Carmichael coal mine is seriously flawed.

Researchers have shed light on barely living ‘zombie’ bacteria thriving in a deep ‘subterranean Galapagos’.

The NSW planning department has warned of the impacts of a new coal mine near Sydney ...

Invasive species have been ranked as the highest threat to Australian biodiversity, with habitat loss a close second.

The Department of Defence has released a report into PFAS contamination at RAAF Base Edinburgh.

Research suggests corals on the Great Barrier Reef were more resilient to the 2017 heatwave than the 2016 heatwave, even though it was hotter and longer.

Researchers have used millions of coral sperm and egg bundles to help improve reefs heavily degraded by the 2016/17 bleaching events.

The NSW Government has announced a new initiative to harness dam storages for hydro-electricity.

The ACCC is taking NSW Ports to court over alleged anti-competitive behaviour.

Protests across the nation have called on the Government to stop Adani’s Carmichael mine going ahead.

Scientists are part way through the most extensive reef survey of the Coral Sea Marine Park ever undertaken.

The search for oil has led to the discovery of 400 new species in the Great Australian Bight.

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